Modelling a simple tool changer

My simple tool changer cannot grab another tool during simulation.

This is tool changer behavior:

I try to use “Set OUT[33] == True” to grab another tool when the changer approaches the tool. The signal 33 of the robot has been configured with the “UsingTool” which is located at the end of the changer.

How to fix my tool changer ? Is there any tutorials to modeling tool changer ?



There is a video on VC Academy about this

Check that out if there’s some pointers in there. Problem might be related to the detection volume size or the location of the tool frame that is used to detect the tool being picked up.


Thanks, keke. I have studied the video and not found the problem. Attach is my test file, please help me!

define-quick-tool.vcmx (4.81 MB)

Hello Debbie

Your problem is, you want to use a tool but your robot is already using a tool. To fix that instead of connecting your tool changer cad file with pnp manupulation mode, i connected it to the robot with attaching the cad to the 4.axis.

So right now its moving the cad but isnt using the tool container.

Hope that helps.

define-quick-tool_v2.vcmx (4.95 MB)

Thanks, ozan. It works now.

I’m also trying to use tool changer with multiple different tools. I have attached cad file of my tool changer to robots 6-axis and it moves with robot correctly but how do I change the point where tools attach with pnp to the end of my tool changer instead of the end of robots 6-axis?