Modeling the feeder to create pallet with definite number of parts

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I want to know that how can I model a feeder to create a pallet with a definite number of components using process modeling. The tutorial videos I saw on the visual component academy demonstrates a robot palletizing a pallet with components.


Hello Jay_Chauhan,

The functionality to create different assemblies with one simple command, such as creating a pre-filled pallet is not yet available in Process Modeling.

To get around this you can utilize two feeders, one that creates the pallet and another one that creates the components on the pallet. You can then populate the pallet with Transport Pattern In statement.

I made an example layout that has two feeders and one sink. You can adjust how the pallet is formed by modifying the TransportPatternIn, Product Creator and Transport Link properties.
PM_Pallet_example.vcmx (836.4 KB)

Be sure to disable the accept all product types property for the transport in statements, as you only want to transport in the specific products at a given time.



Would be greate to get the same functionality in PM as in works in the create Process. :slight_smile:


Hi Este,

Thank you for your help. I modified the statement and properties that you mentioned and it is working perfectly. Before your suggestion i was trying to make use of pattern feeder (which creates components in desired pattern within a pallet). The pallet and parts were generating but i was not able to transport the pallet to a shelf buffer. I was able to connect a conveyor to the pattern feeder to i tried to connect a from conveyor node to the pattern feeder and created a flow between the transport nodes (i.e form conveyor node and the shelf buffer). This arrangement was not working, i don’t know exactly for what reason. It has been just few weeks since i started using the software, so, i don’t have a in-depth knowledge about the software.


Always happy to help.

The problem with the pattern feeder is that it’s an ‘old-school’ component, so it is not made to work with Process Modeling. For PM you need to have defined Products and then you must create those products using a Product Creator behaviour.

Only the more recent components in the Process Modeling directories have this behaviour, and you can add it to your components yourself if you have access to the Modeling tab.

The older feeder components have the older component creator behaviour which cannot be used for creating Products.

This can be confusing to new users, but it’s alright once you know the difference.

Thanks Este.

Creating a pre-filled pallet in Process Modeling is very useful to my problem, but it only solves the problem in half. Next, where to get a human (Otto or Anna) to pick up products one by one from the palette. Is this possible with Process Modelling?

Kimmo Kemppainen

Terve Kimmo,

Picking up products one by one is possible just like inserting products one by one. I modified the example layout so that a human empties the pallet at the sink. This is done with the Detach statement, which detaches the crates from the pallet. Then the crates are transported out and finally, the pallet is removed.
PM_Pallet_example2.vcmx (2.5 MB)

Hope this helps.

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