Modeling of recycling plant

Hello experts,

I am trying to build a Visual Components model of plastic recycling plant.

For example, let’s say this recycling plant has 5 machines. In reality the process of these machines is just continuing.

Let’s say 100kg of trash is dumped into a container connected to conveyor which is transported to machine 1, machines 2, machine 3, machine 4 and machine 5 (conveyor passes through all these machines and never stops). When trash is passing through this in machines 1 metals are separated my magnets, at machine 2 workers pick up glasses and so on until machines 5.

can anyone please help me with an idea of how to build this kind of model?

you could use different products in different flow groups for the different materials and pick and place conveyors so that the line never stops:

Example_Recycling line.vcmx (4.5 MB)


perfect thank you so much, this is almost similar with what i am trying to do.