Modeling of a circulation system over two floors

Hello, I have to make a circulation with conveyor over two floors. Objects are conveyed that are not generated by a feeder. The conveyor belts are to be switched on and off via signals. The circuit contains 2 lift conveyors. These should also move up and down via signals and the conveyor should also be able to be switched on here. Each floor consists of three individual conveyor
. I have already watched the video from the Academy. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me. I’m also still a beginner in phyton and have yet to learn the language.

What do you mean : “objects are conveyed that are not generated by a feeder”?
If you mean, these are like pallets or workpiece carriers, which stays on the conveyors and on which other products are transported, you could have a look at the “Closed Conveyor Loop” Layout Template from the eCat. That way you could simply use Process Modelling instead of programming something.

Maybe this could also help you to stop the conveyors: SendSignal Statement | Visual Components Academy

Yes, that’s what I mean.

but I have to program it because it will later run via a Siemens PLC. So I also have to control the lift conveyor with signals, because when it is up it has to wait until the component has been picked up from the station.