Modeling human movements between fixed points

Hi guys, I’m new to visual components.

My goal is to define two known a priori points where a human can walk via a python script. I did not see any topic similar to this where to find inspiration for the code. There are tons of examples with robots but “properties” and sub routines are different. Everything seems like a black box.

Thank you to you all in advance

The human operators are mostly custom python scripts, and they don’t have built-in python API commands that can be used to control them.
The easiest way to get the operators to walk to certain points could be to define pathways and processes with specific properties in process modeling.

Ok, so I add human pathway and a controller and then I create a Python API for the pathway in order to define points where the human is called to go?

I’m afraid that there is no API for such functionality. I made a quick example where Otto walks between two points.
There are processes that command the resource to work at specific points.

Walking_example.vcmx (1.8 MB)
The layout was made in VC 4.6, so I’m not sure how it will work in other versions.