Modeling dynamic effects (gravity) in robot arms

Dear Colleagues,

I am using VC 4.1 and I am trying to model the influence of the center of gravity of a robot manipulator carrying a load, embarked on a mobile platform, on the stability of this set.

What I am trying to determine is, under what conditions, does the set manipulator arm + mobile platform becomes unstable, and tumbles, when the load that the manipulator is carrying is very heavy or the center of gravity of this set falls out of the support polygon.

We are able to apply dynamic effects to objects, such as boxes or grippers, and when we run the simulation we see these objects falling to the ground and, in some cases, rebouncing. We are also able to apply dynamics to manipulator arms’ links but, in this case, when we run the simulation the robot dismantles itself.

What I would like to know is if it is possible to apply dynamic effects to manipulators as a whole (not just to the individual links) and analyze its stability.

Warm regards.


Currently the physics in VC don’t allow to implement dynamics into servo controlled devices. Physics type of #Kinematic means that object is moved by servo/robot controller but not by physical forces. In physics sense it will only act as a collider for #In Physics type objects.