Modeling a Shuttle with TWO conveyors


I want to model a Shuttle with TWO conveyors.The behavior of the shuttle is the same as that of the eCatalogue.I adjusted the two interfaces of the feed to achieve both conveyors.

What I Want Is: any feed port is realized, and both conveyors can be carried to the unobstructed output port.

Anyone has a good way? Any suggestion can be said.Thanks in advance.

Shuttle_test1.vcmx (788 KB)

That would be very useful!

Hi ,

You can either implement your vcRouting ->processRoute function and check the capacity available for target conveyors . For each part entering the shuttle you can deliver it first available conveyor pair. However this can be painful to manage all routing by yourself if they are not specific .

Simple way can be adding 1 more target port to line 92 @flow logic and test its connection by using routing rule :

ex : check odd numbers 1-3-5 and if 1 is available check 2 if both ok go else loop it.

secondInQueue = task[1] (part in second conv. and related port number )

targetPort1 = -1

targetPort2 = -1

while targetPort == -1 or targetPort2 == -1:
targetPort1 = routing.processRoute(firstInQueue, part, flow) # Take target port

targetPort2 = routing.processRoute(secondInQueue, part, flow) # Take target port

from the routing rule
if targetPort1 == 1 and targetPort2 ==1:




Isn’t possible to create this shuttle conveyors wtih two seats for components ?