Model a robot from 3D robot geometry

I am wondering whether six axis robot basically share the kinematic algorithm so there should be a robot wizard or more easy way to model a new robot that i do not know? I am trying to build a robot component from a robot geometry with the link of six axis geometries extracted , ant possible way to do that? ?Any instruction to model a new robot because we can not assure the robot we used in the factory are included in our E-cat anyway.

Any help will be appreciated.

This tutorial doesn’t help?

Are the joints in your robot rotary?

If there is a similar robot in the eCat to your robot, that modeled robot can be used as a template modeling your own as shown in the tutorial.

I did not find the tutorial , thanks for the help, problem solved !

I noticed the robot manual uses the unit degree/s but mm/s in VC settings for max speed and limits for links. is it a display problem or needed for transformation of different unit systems.

Units are a problem when using custom joint types which most of VC robot models still use. Custom joint type is not aware of the type because it is written as an expression (could be both rot and trans like Rx(J1).Tz(J1)). Therefore unit mm/s is displayed even though joint might be rotational and value is actually in deg/s.