Model a machine component


How do I model a machine component?

I want to create my own one but there I cant find any tutorial which explains how to do this.

A bit open ended imo. What is the machine supposed to do? For example, should the machine be able to connect to Works library components or should it be used with Machine Tending library components? Should the machine have a rotary tool or stationary tool? Should the machine have the ability to switch tools?

There are old tutorials on Community that use machine tending components, but there isn’t something that will show you how to do it from start to finish.

I want to model a component with a rotating joint (which I have done). Then I want to pass a product into it while it rotates. Something like a cement mixer

OK. Does a resource have to load the product or can a path be used to drop the part in? Does the product need to exit the other end or does a resource need to come and unload the product?