Model a gripper

Hello ,
excuse my poor english, I hope you will understand what I am writing :slight_smile:

I’m currently modeling a gripper where I need to move multiple cao objects to simulate a tool that can grasp and release product.
I’m following your tutorial which is excellent btw

My mechanical design office send me CAO files of the current tool .
It is composed of hundred little object because they are 11 differents products the tool is able to pick up, so it means I need to model 11 differents situations which is quite problematic.

However I have at my disposal all differents CAO where the tool is either close or open for all products.

My question is the following :
Is it possible to switch CAO during a simulation?
For exemple my robot pick up product n°1 with the CAO that represent the tool open. Then when the simulation need to pick the product n°1 , the program activate an output that automatically change the tool CAO (which is the tool where product 1 is close) .

thank in advance

Yes you can use switch ‘Geometry Feature’ from modeling tab.

Basicly you define a property and whenever that property changes CAD model changes also.

Adding to what ozan said, there is a great video in the Academy that teaches the basics of the switch feature.

thanks for your response ,
the exemple helps a lot and it works fine at least for 2 models so it should be fine for all 11 models :slight_smile: