Mobile Robot Error - Transport Out Error

I am trying to run a simple mobile robot routine. Pick a pallet up from one location, and drop it off at another. I believe I have the Flow correct, but something is amiss.

From Conveyor Process::ProcessExecutor::FromConveyor::Transport Out error: Product’s CHEP_3 state within its flow sequence is lost.


Did you create the steps in the correct flow group? I see several of them…

I have 20 or so feeders (large system), so yes it is confusing. I believe I have the correct one, but I could be wrong. Is there a way for me to sure?

maybe use a print-statement before transporting out the part in FromConveyorProcess.
Lets see which productType this will be :wink:

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I did some digging and found it wasn’t the correct Flow Group. Found it, and set it up again and off the AMR went. Thanks for the help!

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