Mix Palletizing

Hi every one
The Feeder randomly generate 2 kinds of boxes (BoxA 600 x 400 x 225 and BoxB 600 x 400 x 115), the gantry needs to mix and palletizing them on pallets(pallet 1200 x 1000 x 150), and every two BoxB need to stack together ( equal one BoxA),

How can I do it ?

Is there a reason you want to do this using Python? You can do this with Process Modeling without doing any coding.

  1. Define three products: pallet, boxA, boxB.
  2. Define assembly and slots for the pattern. Technically an assembly can be product as well.
  3. Transport in the products, and so on.

Does the pattern need to be somewhat random?

Can I do it without Python? I thought it could only do that with Python.
the pattern is random,

If the feeder boxes are delivered in the following order,they should be stacked in the following order roughly,Two BoxB count as one floor, It need to stack into 8 floors
(In fact,The Feeder randomly generate 2 kinds of boxes)
BoxA------1(The second floor)

If it has to be random pattern not from a list of predefined patterns then I think you need to use Python. I don’t know the extent of process modeling and assembly api in this area. So a first step for what you need is to stack the boxes on top of one another and then continue to modify the script to get the random pattern, etc. You can, for example, use the bound box of a component to determine where you want to place it.