Metric / Zoll Export Issue in DWG/DXF

Hello Community,

first post…so a short “hello” to all of you. As we’re started to use VC(4.3) just yet we’re allready loving the possibilitys and of course we’re run into issues as well :wink:

So my first question is an issue:

When we export from the drawing tab into (dwg/dxf) where always getting file where the values of the measurements are just correct in zoll but should be mm:

1000mm in the layout are 1000zoll in the export (so the measurment shows 25400mm).

Is this know allready or fixed in 4.4?

Of course i can scale it with a different programm…but yeah could be worse if not noticed.



Hi @Maror,

I didn’t have this problem, check are you working in metric system:
File → Option → Units

Hi AP_SuH,

thanks for the reply. I actually working in the metric system. Will update to 4.4 and make a clean reinstall and check it again. Otherwise I’ve to check if the viewer is faulty.