Smart collection can classify vcm with “Group by”.

This is very nice and useful.


Recently I met problems.

There are many layouts, I would like to classify them.

Something like this,

Company -> Country -> City -> Factory -> Building -> Floor -> Line

There are 7 levels, I believe there will be more in the future.


Embed image is current available “Group by” options.

There are 2 problems.


  1. Cannot edit "Group by" options name, but I can mapping them in my mind, this is acceptable. Author -> Company Manufacturer -> Country Type -> City Description -> Factory
  2. However, I don't know what to do, when I have more than 7 levels.

Is it possible to have more “Group by” options ?

Can edit “Group by” options by user’s own is even better!


Thank you.

Since I can add property in metadata.
There might be chance that I can edit “Group by” options?
If I can, then that solves the problem.

Hello Chungmin,

We will add this feature to the wish list.

Is it possible for you to pre-load eCat Collections in advance?


Just like what you did to preview icons and icons.

You save preview icons and icons at local drive.

When VC starts, images are ready.



When there are 2 levels.

Just like your Items by Manunfacturer(GroupBy:Manufacturer;Type) and Items by Type(GroupBy:Manufacturer;Type)

It went smoothly.

But when it comes to 7 levels, it takes almost 10 minutes to sort out.


So I was wondering if it is possible to pre-load eCat Collections.


Thank you.

By the way, I have another question about eCatalogue_vc.sdf databse.


To work-around, I modified GroupBy property of Collection table of eCatalogue_vc.sdf databse.


Something like, GroupBy:Company;Country;City;Factory;Building;Floor;Line


Current gen can accept this, it works normal, eCat shows 7 levels as I modified.

However, nothing changes in next gen.


Is there any difference between current gen and next gen?


Thank you.

Hi Chungmin,

I wouldn’t recommend editing or modifying the eCat database file manually. Changes have been made in eCat and so current gen eCat is not identical to next gen.

I see. Thank you for your comment.

Hope can have this feature(add custom GroupBy options) soon in next gen.

Thank you.