Merging conveyor

Need an urgent help on this i am having two physics conveyors which are merging at end and i have 2 sensors on it. I just want to read the sensor signals at a time (not in a sequence with process node wait signals). if i change the feed the product from top conveyor should drop in between two parts coming from bottom. by slowing down last two top conveyors.
I tried to give it through process node but it reading signals in a sequence
i want like when two signals are true. top conveyor should run with less speed
when one signal true and other was false . top conveyor speed will changes
i just donno how to read two signals values at a time

Thanks in advance
Conveyor_Merging_20220615_Test.vcmx (1.2 MB)

To combine two boolean signals into one you can use a “Logic Gate” helper component from VC 4.4 eCat in the AND mode, and then just use a single WaitSignal.

With WaitSignal statement it is also possible to essentially just copy the current value to a process variable without waiting for anything, which you could do for both signals and then use an If statement expression to check the values. This would require a polling loop, though.

Thanks for that @TSy is there any reference videos or reference cell of using them?