Upcoming .NET API video tutorials will focus on the following:

  • Using contract names, import/export attributes and metadata to connect plugins to one another.

It’s important to understand and take full potential of the MEF, so Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a bit outside the scope of the upcoming tutorials, but will be addressed in one tutorial sooner or later for folks wanting to use web services.

Thanks for sharing, cannot wait to read your next post.

Great help for the people who is not CS background. Like me. :smiley:

Check out this thread.


is it possible to use gRPC or SignalR instead of WCF? → Cause WCF is not a future technology…

@Jay A tutorial or a working example using gRPC or SignalR would be awesome.


gRPC can be used. The SIMIT connection plugin uses it. Main thing is how to manage the time to live and heartbeat stuff.


and do know if SignalR could also be used instead of WCF?

What would you recommend to be “future save”?


Never used SignalR, but I am bias when it comes to ASP.NET. That is, I avoid it. If it is easy to use and production ready and does everything you need then go for it.