Mass object doesn't affect robot cycle time


I’m kinda new here but I have a question related to robot cycle times. The robot picks up blocks from the conveyor belt. I have given the blocks a mass of 25kg and 100kg respectively with the Physics Entity.

However this does not affect the cycletimes of the robotmovements, while I expect the cycletimes for the block with a mass of 100 kg to take longer than for the block with a mass of 25 kg because of the load on the robot.

Does anyone know why that is the case?

See these topics. I think in KUKA.Sim (or KUKA.Sim add-on for VC) with RCS you can separately define mass data for tools and it does something with that info.

So if I understand correctly, the load on the robot does not affect the acceleration and speed characteristics whats however?

I am currently not using any robot add-ons, Im using VC Professional, not Premium.

Are there any add-ons or models/scripts that implements the effect of a load on robots?