Manual assembly using carts

Is there an easy way to do manual assembly on top of a moving cart (works or process modeling)? A human resource should move the cart to different assembly stations and collect and assemble parts for the product.

It is possible to do with works by handling the cart as it was a product. But that does not seem the best or easiest way to do it.

Below is an example picture.

I would appreciate any help!


I’ve built similar thing using Works Processes.

See the attached Layout.

Manual-Assembly-using-carts.vcmx (1.85 MB)

Thank you for the layout! That seems like a smart way to do it.

I was wondering if the same is possible with process modeling. Does anyone know about that?

The positions must be adjusted, but this seems a possible way to do it with process modeling. If there’s a better way, I’d love to see how it’s works. :slight_smile:

Manual-Assembly-using-carts_PM.vcmx (2.78 MB)