Manipulate "TransportTime" in ProcessModelling


how is it in ProcessModelling possible to manipulte the transitions between the processes via PhytonScript? -> In this simple case the Value of TransportTime during Simulation is running?


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Change the transport time for 
interpolating transport implementer during simulation
from vcScript import * 

app = getApplication() 
sim = getSimulation() 

def OnStart():
  global transport_links
  process_controller = sim.ProcessController #get vcProcessController
  transport_system = process_controller.TransportSystem #get vcTransportSystem
  transport_links = transport_system.Links #get vcTransportLink

def OnRun():
  global transport_links
  for link in transport_links: 
    for p in link.Properties: #loop transport_links properties and get TransportTime property
      if p.Name == "TransportTime":
        p.Value = 2 #set the transport time value
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