Make the parts move together on conveyor

hey guys,
I’m working on a simulate and need to grap 2 parts at the same time with the robot from a conveyor and release them together on to another conveyor.
It’s a simulation of tire and wheel assembly line.
these 2 parts coming from 2 different feeders. I have another robot on the middle of the line and it’s assemleing them (just moving the wheel onto tire)
I wanna grap these 2 parts together at the same time and release them to another conveyor just like they are assembled and one part.
It was difficult to grabbing them together. I don’t know why but increasing “detection volume size” didn’t help me to grab them at the same time. but i solved this issue with adding another tool.
Now, I just need them to moving together on the next last conveyor just like they became one part.
the problem i faced with is these parts don’t move together on that next conveyor. randomly one of the parts move first, the other one waits for a second then this one too starts to move.
I changed the gravity direction but it didnt help either
is there any one who can lead me on this problem?
here’s the parts:

they look like this after assembling:

and they move like this on the next conveyor:

I need them to move just like this after the robot release them:

here you can find more details in the simulation:
Lastik_Jant_Yaglama_V4.vcmx (9.6 MB)

When they are not the same object, you put them on the conveyor belt. Then, it is foreseeable that (one_way_path) prevents this geometric repeat behavior. In other words, when you put the two objects in a conveyor belt in different ways, the components on the conveyor belt will be placed first for flow (such as tires), and it is not allowed to flow another geometric flow until it does not overlap. (For example inner tires) :melting_face:

Closing this attribute can be solved, it is located in the modeling module-> conveyor belt->One_Way_Path.

The robot signal actions have some option for Exclude release, or similar. If you tell the robot that it can’t release to the conveyor, it should attach the tyre on the rim when releasing it.