Machine Wizard

Machine Wizard can be used to turn a CAD geometry into a simulation-ready machine to be used with PLC-control, Machine Tending library, Works library and Process Modeling. This wizard magically creates the necessary Properties, Behaviors and Features for your convenience. The wizard requires Visual Components Professional / Premium 4.2 or newer.


How to use:

In order to use this wizard, you need to have a component, e.g. a geometry model of a machine that is either created in Visual Components or imported from a CAD software. The component must have at least Servo Controller behavior, and preferably the Link Structure and Joints configured to enable the add-on.

When the links are configured, you can open the Machine Wizard. Select the node, or the location, where the machined parts will be placed on. You can also decide which functionalities you want to add to the machine. Once you have made the selections, you can create all of the required properties, behaviors, and features with a push of a button. All that you need to do to finalize the machine is to move the frames such as product and resource location to desirable places, and you are ready to test the machine.

The linked video will show you how you can turn imported CAD geometry to a fully functional machine in one minute.



Download and extract to My Commands-folder. Restart Visual Components and the button will appear In the Modeling tab under Wizards menu.


Regarding Process Modeling:

To enable process modeling functionalities for your machine in Visual Components 4.2, you need to go to the modeling tab, select the Process Executor behavior and set the Transport Node property from Null to Transport Node.


Hopefully this add-on can help you create even better simulations.
I would really appreciate if you could share your feedback and improvement ideas about the add-on. (6.97 KB)