Machine with turning table and two operations

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i’m quite new to process modelling.
I have products which are going through 3 operations (“OP10”, “OP20”, “Bohren”)
I am using two FMH-500 machines for “OP10” and “OP20” and a process node for “Bohren”.

Each product has its unique processing time for each operation, which I configured with the product properties. This already works for “Bohren”.

I currently don’t know how to configure the FMH-500 that it allows me to process the two operations. One side of the turning table handles the operation OP10 and the other side OP20.
In my layout, when I add the operation FMH500 two times, the simulation can’t handle it. For one FMH500 operation, it works, but thats not my goal.

Can anyone tell me how to configure the machine in order to handle the OP10 and OP20?
Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

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ProcessModellingWithFMH-500.vcmx (1.7 MB)

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Has anyone some advice? :slightly_smiling_face:

I found a similar layout I had, maybe it could help :
Beispiel Maschine mit 2 OP.vcmx (1.9 MB)

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That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

Do you know how to use the “Time Tracking Point”? It’s not showing any statistics.
Would be nice to have statistics of each product, like the cycle time.

For the Time Tracking point, you have to click on “Generate Statistics Tab” to create statisctic graphs:

I added a second Statistics behaviour in the Machine, to have one for the ComponentContainer of Process OP10 and one for the Component Container of Process OP20. That way you can show statistics for both:

You could also use the Cycle Time signal (eCat → Statistics) → it doesn’t really work with one component in which there are 2 Processes, so I created 2 signals in the machine, connected them to LED indicators (eCat → Misc) and connected them to the Cycle Time Component. If you click play once, it will intialize the values and you can add them to the statistics.
Then in your processes, you add a SendSignal on True to start the cycle and False to end it.

Beispiel Maschine mit 2 OP_Statistik.vcmx (2.1 MB)


Awesome! Thank you so much!