Machine does not process parts from assembly


I have created an assembly consisting of a pallet and cylinders. The assembly is delivered on a conveyor, and I have managed for the operator to pick each cylinder individually, by creating a GetAssembly and chosing the product type cylinder. However the cylinders are not processed in the machine, but instead immediately placed in the next pallet.

I would also like for the operator to place 9 cylinders before the pallet is transported, as for now its transported after one cylinder is placed.

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make sure that your machines process <3000L> appears in the process flow editor and has valid transport links connecting it to the FromConveyor and ToConveyor process. I also recomment that you never name 2 process the same name (ToConveyor), as that can be confusing.
The setup of your statements in your ToConveyor process will not fill a certain step. Instead check out this video on the academy around 7:40 to see how its done: