Loosing my tools when dismounting

Hi there, I am using a self-made universal gripper: It contains tree Grippers, each using a separate tool. I programmed some paths, but when I dismount the tool all of my taught points loose the tools of the universal gripper.

First the specific points had tool[17], tool[18], tool[20]. After dismounting, they have been replaced with tool[0]. Within the controller map → Tools: the specific tools, which are imported by the Robot disappear and cause the Points to lose their reference.

I checked to Lesson regarding Mount and Dismount tool. (http://academy.visualcomponents.com/lessons/mount-and-dismount-tools/)

No such problem is occurring in this example.

How can I solve that Problem. (Using KUKA Sim)

Thanks in advance!

Yes, if you teach points using an imported tool frame, you have to keep in mind that disconnecting the tool means the robot loses reference to that tool frame. So in the tutorial, there is a section that talks about this. In most cases, the approach is to use a native tool frame in robot and move it to same location as the imported tool frame, and then use the native tool frame for teaching positions. Note that I do that when I know the robot has to switch grippers and physically disconnect from the grippers in my solutions.

Thanks for the reply,

It worked out perfectly for me!