Long statistics

Hello, I have a problem with the statistics, I want to collect the statistics of 6 variables defined in the UR3 and communicate them to the visual components through the RTDE plug in, I need to collect 10 minutes of data, but after 3 minutes the collection stops and I have to restart the connection, maybe you can tell me what configuration is required, or if the number of data is limited?

Can you share your layout or at least the Connectivity configuration XML export?

Attached is the VC file
AssemblyRobotic_WHRC_Statistics.vcmx (4.0 MB)

Attached the XML FILEConfiguration.xml (7.5 KB)

I don’t see anything clearly wrong with the Connectivity configuration at least.
If the values stop updating in the Connected variables panel, it is a connection issue and you could check the VC log file if there are any errors. Depending on your setup the issue could also very well be outside VC.

If the values continue to update in the Connected variables panel then its a layout modeling / scripting issue.

Thank you, I tried changing the sampling interval from 1 to 3 and managed to obtain the required time but, this time is very wide for my experiment, there is a defined size for the size of the statistics? how many samples can be taken? and where can I change it?