Linking code

I have taken a CAD file and made it to function as a machine, I took each part that needed to be functionally and programmed them separately. I am now trying to work on linking them all together. I need them to link to the index table that I have preferably. I have 5 separate components to connect. I there a way to do this while using the separate codes or do I remove all and attempt to program all from one component?
Any advice would be great help


I think the explanation stays at a bit too abstract level, do you have a simplified layout that you could share?


Hey @Lefa
I don’t think I am able to share the file I can walk you through the process which may or may not help.

  1. 3 Products are placed onto the index table. Simultaneously a ABB robot picks and places 3 components into position on the opposite side.
  2. The table indexes 90 degrees and a automated application of glue occurs. then indexes.
  3. once table has index to 3rd stage a servo moves Joints to push the components together to form the product.
  4. table index and the products are all lifted on set onto a conveyor by a robot and process repeats.
    note: that there are four sets of jigs that allow 12 products to be on the table with 3 products being at each stage.


In these cases it might be better to go to support if you have a valid maintenance. You can (most likely) share confidential files there as the files will just stay between the support team and you (or you company). Just as a heads-up they will also ask for simplified layouts, so no need for geometries etc. just explain how you want it to work and what you attempt to do.


Not a problem thanks for you help anyway