Line Generation Tool (XML & CSV support)


The line generation tool automatically creates a single SMT line with multiple line components. The amount and the types of the line components are selected in the add-on properties. The different types of line components are defined in a CSV file.

Before generating the line, the add-on provides a possibility to generate XML file from the selected line components. This XML can then be further modified, and thereafter used as an input for the line generation.


The purpose of this add-on is to demonstrate one use case of an automatic component generation tool, as well as, to act as a template for a similar type of implementations.

How to use
(1) Unzip the add-on file to the following folder path:
C:\Users#USERNAME#\Documents\Visual Components\4.1\My Commands

(2) Open a new instance of VC or drag the file to the current instance of VC

(3) Click the Line Generation Tool icon in My Group panel in Home tab.

(4) Add the desired amount of line components and select their type

(5) Generate the line, or optionally write it to XML to be further modified before generating the line (3.48 KB)

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Great addon jobez!
I played around with your addon and made this video showing different production lines generated from XML.

Wow nice job! You might be interested in this research " Automatic layout generation of robotic production cells in a 3D manufacturing simulation environment"

Thanks fernet_mies, that looks interesting!

I linked this to our developer who had been working with the AutomationML.

Automatic layout generation of robotic production cells would be definitely awesome feature.