Light switching in blender video

Hello everyone, i just run into problem where i am trying ro switch light on and off by robotic output connected to signal. There is no problem in couminaction and the light is even changing visibility as i want through simulation.

But, after i render video, there is no change in light visibility or disappearence. So i tried render just image when light is visible (can be seen) and invisible (cannot be seen as expected). This images are taken while simulation is in pause. So here is my question, how is possible to render pictures right and video wrong ?

Here is the simulation.
Forum_light.vcmx (1.2 MB)

Please keep the blender related discussion in the blenderer topic.
This issue looks like a problem with the spotlight. I tested changing the light type and it was working ok with a point light and switching the strength value.

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I am sorry for wrong topic, wasnt sure in which one it should be. Can you send me your modified solution?

I did not save the file, but I quickly did a new one.
Forum_light1.vcmx (1.2 MB)

Well, looks like problem wasnt in the code but somewhere in rendering. Tried your layout and still same problem. Did you changed anything in Animation ,Default or Lights edit? I mean like sampling for rec. step, which container you use (i use MP4) or anything else ?

I think I got the default Blenderer settings on. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the addon. Maybe the version you use did not have this feature implemented yet?

I think i have latest version, 2.1.0 for Add-on and 2.90 for Blender. But still with the same problem, also tried to render into AVI, didn’t help.

Dynamic lights are not yet supported by the addon. It’s a feature planned to be added.
This basically means that the light energy value is not key-framed. The lights will have a constant value during the animation and the value is the one the light has when the animation recording starts.

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Thanks, i have come to another idea. My new idea is to change component material during simulation, with basic view it works so question is if blender catches this change or if it will be the same case as with light.