Lift conveyor

Hello community,

I’m trying to simulate this kind of bridge (this one is just an example. We have bigger bridge between production halls).

I would like to send products based on source or based on destination to the upper or lower floor, but when I set up a routing rule, the second lift conveyor freezes.

Any advices?
Bridge.vcmx (587.5 KB)


I’m not sure what seems to be the problem here, curious to know aswell. But if you want a quick fix;
You could make 2 products, 1 for both feeders and add a component property corresponding to that feeder:

Then add a routing rule for interger table with that property:

Bridge_properties.vcmx (550.6 KB)

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The “source node” should be the process directly before, so in your case it’s the ToConveyor, not the Feeders… It might be better to use the “Destination node” and select the FromConveyor processes.

When using the “Transport solution rule”, you also need to use “To next Process” in the TransportOut before and “From previous process” in the TransportIn after the lift.


Working perfectly. Thank you.