Licence (Student)

I am a 4th year undergraduate student and I am currently writing a diploma. The topic of the diploma was chosen: The digital twin of mechanical and heat treatment of the production of the part industrial bushing. To create a digital double, I would like to use Visual Components software, but, unfortunately, after filling out the student license form several times, nothing came to the mail. I would like to know how I can get a license and is there even this possibility? Thank you in advance for the answer.

Hello, how long have you been waiting before you got your license?

Still didn’t recieve a license key :frowning:

Oh my… I also need VC for my master thesis… Well, i hope we both will get license soon

Hey k_kolt,

Our student licensing rep checked your email (that you’re currently using to post on the forums) and apparently your email has not registered. Could you re-try it again via the official channel?


I used other e-mail adress to get student license. This is my private e-mail, and for student license I used my student e-mail


Can you tag me with a private message with the email you used? I can ask the sales guy to re-check.

Hm, and what about me?

Hi volkovaa,

I believe your email was found and the sales rep will look at it.

Ye, i recieve a message from Chetna from Visual Components. So offensively that there is no opportunity for me to use your software. Thank you for an answer.