LGV after picking wrong location

Works LGV Forklift Resource custom moves.vcmx (24.7 MB)

Hello Developer,

I want to use the LGV Forklift to load the pallet to truck.
However, the LGV fork will move down to 300mm height position after picked the pallet every time.
I tried the Manual Forklift Resource, this problem didn’t show up.
Please see the attached layout, I put the both forklift resource in it.
Could you help to explain or instruct how to avoid this downward action after picking

Thanks and BR.

Hello wkrstone,

There is a problematic command in the line 760 of the LGV script, where the fork is commanded to move down to height of 300 after picking objects. This is probably designed to work when picking objects from the floor, but in this case it caused issue where the fork collides with the conveyor.

In the manual forklift this line was commented out, so the problem did not appear.
Now that I commented the line in LGV it works the same way as manual forklift.


Works LGV Forklift Resource custom moves.vcmx (24.7 MB)