learning license

To provide a brief overview, I’ve dedicated the past few months to developing an automation concept. I’m keen on testing various scenarios within a simulated environment. Currently, this is solely an entrepreneurial “concept,” and my partner and I haven’t formalized our business as a registered entity yet. Visual Components appears to align well with our requirements, and we’re eager to explore and validate specific use cases before establishing a business relationship.

However, Im having some difficulty in licensing options. The available programs — a licensing option for educational institutions and another for established startups—don’t cater to our current status.

I recently enrolled in the “Using Visual Components for Robot Programming” Learning Path. However, effectively following the provided examples proves challenging without the ability to replicate the steps within the software. Hence, I’m reaching out to explore the possibility of an evaluation license, specifically for educational purposes. This would enable us to delve into the software, ensuring a better grasp of its functionalities and potential.

I’m curious if Visual Components offers alternative solutions that align with our objectives. Our primary aim is to comprehend Visual Components’ capabilities by mastering its use as a tool.

Thank you in advance!