Layered assembly for robot destacking

Hi, I am wondering how to make the hierarchy so that i can destack a rack that contains sheet panel which contain some product. Example picture attached, the white product is placed in a sheet metal plate and the sheet metal plate is put in the rack. I need to first take out all the products in 1st layer and panel of 1st layer and move to next.
Any tips to make assembly and call the assembly in process node or similar examples?

maybe attached example can help you.

In this example there is a separate step (layerX) for each plate with products.
removing products first and then sheets in each step, this is controlled via the orderIndex in slots.

destacking_rack.vcmx (475.6 KB)

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Hello, Thank you for this. what version of VC was used for this? I have visual components premium 4.4.

it was created with 4.6

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