Kuka sim bug?


i wanted to try kuka simulator. But when i place the object and want to move them the geometry axes are not showing or they are showing very bad - picture. Any tips how to fix this?


I first would check if the software use the powerfull graficcard and not the board…


Thanks for fast answer.

Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics

is too low ?

Depending on the version of KukaSim you’re using but I think jes!

Current VC System requirements are:


Ahhh ok. Im using kuka sim V4.1. So this problem is only beacause the low graphic card. It could not be some other problem ? Thank you .)

Is also possible but I don’t use KukaSim and your screenshot let me imagine that this is a graca-issue…


ok. thank you for your fast responses.

I think this is a known issue with Intel Iris Xe Graphics, which is resolved by installing latest graphics drivers from Intel’s website.
Alternatively if you have a dedicated GPU in your machine, change the settings in Windows to use that instead.

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^What he said.
Using a dedicated GPU or updating the Intel Xe graphics drivers should fix this issue.

drivers updated, problem fixed. Thank you very much.