KUKA.SIM and Process Modeling

Hello Everyone.

I am very new to the simulation program KUKA.SIM/Visual Components. I found very useful Videos related to Convoyer and Robots but all of them rely on Process Modelling. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Process Tab in KUKA.Sim. Is there any other way to program the 'Nodes for example?

Even though KUKA.SIM and Visual Components use same technologies under the hood, they still are differnt product with different functionalities. The Process modeling functionalities are only available in the Visual Components software.

Here are some helpful and free online tutorials for KUKA SIM:

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Thank you for your fast reaction.
Is there any other way to program the Convoyer’s Stops and link them with the robot’s signal? Unfortunately, there are no videos about such a topic from Kuka.Sim

Yeah sure; in KUKA.Sim you can load a batch_conveyor and link the batch ready signal to an input of your robot.
Then use the WaitFor statement for this signal.