KUKA.Sim 4.3 Config.dat file not updating

Hi all. I am currently trying to build a cell with a standard KUKA robot and positioner.
As soon as I try to change the properties of a base to be connected to a node on a positioner, and try to run a simulation, KUKA.Sim tells me this:

Base “positioner” of robot “KR16R1610_2” is attached to “KP2-SV__HW”. No entry found for “KP2-SV__HW” in the current $config.dat.

Everything works fine in the simulation when i use robots and positioners of other brands. I quess it’s because the program doesn’t run in KRL-mode when i do that.

Isn’t the config.dat supposed to update with the correct settings when I use the KUKA-parts straight from their eCatalog?
I’m a complete newbie at this so I wouldn’t dare to try and play with the config-file.