KUKA.Sim 4.1 - Stop robot snapping to position

Is it possible to stop the robot from jogging/jumping to the positions I’ve teached? Some check mark I can uncheck?

The only option I have now is to mark MOVE then mark the already teached position and then hit JOG, move the robot, and do a touch-up.

The program I have is copied from another part and needs to have it’s position updated to fit the new part.
It becomes very tedious, to click MOVE, mark the postion, click JOG, move the robot, TOUCH-UP, click MOVE, mark another position, JOG…etc. etc etc.



I don’t think there’s a way to disable that jump. There are few workarounds or helpers for this kind of workflow.

  1. Select command line with right mouse button. This doesn’t move the robot but it does open the context menu which may not be wanted. Then you can close context menu by clicking somewhere in the command gallery area on an empty space. This leaves command highlighted while closing the context menu.
    EDIT: Works only in KUKA program editor in Tree view, not in KRL view nor VC editor.

  2. Have shortcut keys for Move and Jog tool. This is bit of a hidden feature (may be subject to change) but you can assign some hotkeys for commands via configuration file found here:
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\KUKA\KUKA.Sim 4.1\AppConfig\4.1.0\ShortcutKeys\Custom_Shortcutkeys.xml
    This allows you to define shortcut keys to commands (action items) but you need to know command id and context (which is why this method is difficult to use and not documented in help). On the following file you see my customizations to this config file (see XML elements at the end). These are really handy for robot programming, CTRL+Q = Move, CTRL+W = Jog, CTRL+E = Snap.

Custom_Shortcutkeys.xml (3.4 KB)


Now that I was on topic of modifier keys I tested selecting command with ALT+left mouse. What do you know it doesn’t move the robot! I learned something today.

EDIT: But this is true only for KUKA program editor in Tree view. KRL view still jumps with ALT and also VC editor jumps.


Hi Keke

Thank you for the response.

This could be a good addition, to have a check box that says “move to program pointer” or something else in the Manipulation tab.

I’ve been looking for a while now for a shortcut list, and you just gave me one. Thanks :smiley:

I do not like to work in the Tree view because it does not correspond to the controllers way of programming. No need to over complicate the project. And if KUKA manages to make their VC overlay more like a real controller, some day! (Combine VC, WoV and OfficeLite, please!)


I hear you with the tree view. And also with the integrated complete Kuka SW like you are describing. Hopefully Kuka goes towards that direction in the future but I can’t speak for them so we’ll have to wait and see.

As for the jump been configurable via checkbox. It would be better than what we have currently. ABB RobotStudio has that “Show Robot At Target” or something and using RS for few years I learned to hate that checkbox. For some reason it was more times at the state which I didn’t want it to be. So some more intuitive way would be better I think. ALT modifier could be one way because I don’t think it’s used intentionally at the moment. I can forward the idea to VC product.


I actually had RS written in my response that KUKA should take a look that way, but erased it from my response due to this forum being VC :wink:

I do also use “Show robot at target” box often.

But it’s difficult to program a KUKA robot in a ABB software :smiley:


This is VC forum and we use and discuss other brands than Kuka too. Anyway I created a product backlog item for this kind of selection feature in program editor. And I added comment that it would be useful to have it exist in our OEM products too such as Kuka.Sim.

Have a nice weekend!


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Some bird told me thats exactly what KUKA is doing :slight_smile:
I mean WoV configuration part is already covered in KUKA.Sim 4.x…