Kuka Sim 3.1 USERKRL Instructions

I’m new to Kuka (and Kuka Sim) but I would like to execute a something like a “RelTool” command.

It looks like “LIN_REL{X 100} #TOOL” in the KRL syntax guide.

How do I make this work in Kuka Sim?

Please contact KUKA Sim support or use their forum.

From the KUKA Sim Help file:

To read in a KUKA Robot Language (KRL) program, click Add USERKRL. This can be used to edit and write KRL code for a statement as well as use data from a SRC file with some limitations: commands nested in a folder are unrecognizable; unrecognizable commands are imported as expert code; and only one SRC file can be read, so calls to subroutines in other files are unrecognizable.

Is Lin_Rel unrecognized? It is in the language specification.