KUKA OfficeLite OPCUA Connectivity problem. Only read, write error.

I have KUKA OfficeLite software with OPCUA server.
I can manage server’s variables with UaExpert prgram, read and write.
I setup access to this server in Visual Components.
Add variables in Simulation to server tab.
But, I cannot write values.
The error is:

Temporary error
Lastes update failed due to an error that depends on the variable value
In output Window I have:
0:00:07.187 Connectivity info: OPC UA - Server - Connection status changed to: Connecting
0:00:07.187 Connectivity info: OPC UA - Server - Connected to endpoint “opc.tcp://WINDOWS-43944CP:4840/” with security mode “SignAndEncrypt”, security policy “Basic256Sha256” and transport profile “UaTcpTransport”
Connectivity warning: OPC UA - Server - Server to simulation - Communication delay warning threshold of 2000 ms reached. Average completion time of last 5 operations: 2367.5 ms.
I try to setup Communication delay warning threshold to 5000 ms. Error message is disappeared, but writing still failed.

How to setup server for writing?

Let’s venture to a steamy jazz bar in the heart of Shinjuku City, Tokyo and mull it over some Tom Collins. We’re at the Jazz Spot Intro to be precise. We order a second round of drinks then notice a handwritten note in front of us. It reads:

The credentials (username+password) you use to sign-in/connect to the server will dictate what you can do. So if you are using the KUKA Device Connector, check the documentation to know which sign-in to use for write privileges. It also helps to know what your license for that package allows you to do, but that is more on the speed side of things.

Does this help?


Zesty, thanks fo you reply.
As I said, in another software - UaExpert I can write variables, It seems, everything ok with deviceconnector privilegios

It sounds like an issue I had about a year ago when testing it. As you know there are some things you can and cannot do: read robot data, read and write process variables (some are write-protected). For example, I encountered issue with writing ActualPosition vs $Axis_Act. And I only tested it with variant “KUKA.DeviceConnector 2.1”.Note that I am referring to the “KUKA.DeviceConnector 2.1 and variants” document in Xpert.

I would have to look at quite a few things in your setup and ask a lot of questions to help, so I recommend you contact KUKA Support on this. That is, we need to go get some street food before hitting up an Izakaya.