Kuka Objects disappearing

I’ve imported a simple block from a CAD file and my robot can pick it up and move it but once its placed again is disappears. Has anyone came across this issue ?


That might happen if you have hidden component around where you place the part. Then the action script might detect that as the new parent for the part and once part is attached to a hidden component it also becomes invisible.


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Thanks for the reply, I’ve just been placing these objects on the ground in different locations and they all disappear. Do you have an idea what the hidden component might be ?

I would guess safety tool. If you open the “Cell Graph” panel, look for entry that has eye icon crossed out, and then make it visible and run your simulation again. You might also want to select the robot and then in Component Properties panel, find Signal Actions tab and see if there is option to NOT release to hidden/invisible object/component.

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