Keep Human busy

Hi all,


I am using a special conveyor (similar with ProcessPoint Conveyor in the library) to simulate a process done in reality by an Operator, because it is easier to change the ProcessTime of this process (we have different processes so different process time).

In the simulation, the Human brings a component to the ProcessPoint Conveyor then waits for the component to be processed, then takes it to another station.

I would like to keep the Human “busy” during the process to estimate the operator loading with Statistics. But currently the Human is “waiting” during the process so the simulation will record him as Idle.


How to do to keep the Human busy during the Process time to have accurate Statistics?

I have checked the following points:

  • HumanProcess: we can only define a fixed time, or the process time depends on the batch quantity.
  • ReserveResource: can only keep the Resource at a workstation but the Resource is still Idle
  • Make a Loop with Human Process time of 1s for example, with a break point when the process is finished -> I didn't succeed so far, I don't really understand the syntax of the Loop.
Any idea of how to do?



So in this example:

  1. WP transports in the part
  2. Human resource works on the part for a time. (WaitingTime is a distrubition type of property which is defined in WP User Variables) . So this is how you can use distrubitions on human processes.
  3. WP transports out the part
TransportIn::True Loop:MyLoopName:5::True TransportOut::True


In the second example:

  1. WP transports in the part
  2. So here WP looks for a loop named 'MyLoopName'. After it finds the codes between <MyLoopName> and <>. It runs the human process code for 5 times.
  3. WP transports out the part
Hope that helps.