KastoWin Work Loop

Hey there!

I have a problem with the kastowin 3.3 saw in VC. It works just as it should for the first cycle, but as the second cutting cycle starts, things get wierd. The product is just deleted or passed through the mashine without editing it. I made a simple layout which shows the problem. Just start the sim and watch the second work cycle. What is the problem with this?

Would be very thankfull is anyone could help!

KastoWinProblem.vcmx (503.8 KB)

Fix the Cutting Orders, you’re cutting only round bars.

Yeah but that is the purpose of the whole production. Im never giving square bars into the mashine. What do square bars have to do with this?

Your Cutting Orders has a line for square bars as well.

Thank your very much! I was unaware of that functionality. That solved the problem.