Joint axis direction

Hi. I am using Kuka Sim 4.0 and try to model joints. However I want to move in an angle not directly in X,Y,Z. How can I create an axis to move along which is not aligned to the the standard X,Y,Z? Please bear in mind that I only have Kuka Sim and dont have the full functionality of Visual Components.


in VC this is realised with an userdefined Link in combination with pivot table.


Hi thanks. Do you know how to do that is in a tutorial somewhere?

Here’s an example where Custom joint type has pivot Rx(45) and joint Tz(J1). Now pivoted joint moves along vector (0, -0,707, 0.707). That is Z vector rotated 45deg about X-axis.


Another way would be to use normal Translation joint type together with Link offset before and after joint itself. And yet another way would be to have multiple links in series, first with Translational joint (J1) along X axis, second/third link with Translational follower (to J1) along Y/Z axis.


This works for the translation joint but how do I do it for rotational as it seems to pivot around its center of origin but I dont want that. I would like it to move around a different axis. If I put in pivot with a translation for example Tx(306), I get the message “Error in component ‘000.287.022’ link ‘Link_2’ property ‘Offset’. Function ‘Tx()’ not found”. How do I offset the rotation point?

Check the attached example on how to offset the pivot point for a rotational joint. This is using Custom joint type and Pivot and again there are other ways to accomplish the same effect.

Example.vcmx (16.5 KB)

Ok. so to offset it then I should use Tx(300),Ty(200),Tz(100) syntax.
One more thing, I cant find the origin to measure the offset and it seems I cant create geometry in Kuka Sim. How can I measure the offset from the origin?

Note that the syntax uses period instead of comma so Tx(300).Ty(200).Tz(100) and not Tx(300),Ty(200),Tz(100).

When using the measure tool there’s a filter to select origin of the node like shown in the following picture.


Ok great that works when I put period instead of comma