Iterative process

Hi Team
Please check the given layout.
1. Process is like - Operator will bring Product with Tray(Orange One) from Stack (Along with Pallet + Pallet Jack).
2 Units of each Product(2 red and 2 grey)
2Then Pick one Red and place it on the Process 16 in middle. (And same for Grey one as well.)
Place Grey in process 16.
3Then Pick new created pattern from process 2 by both operators. And place the Pattern into the Green Trays, after placing, pick the Orange trays and place into the Process 6 , repeat the same process until we get 30 orange trays at Process 5 and then pick that 30 orange trays stack and put it into the waste.
But after couple of operations its goes wrong and not follow the Process steps.

Please help me to rectify this and let me know the Solution by how can i do such operation with ease.

Thanks in adavance.

Line2_V4.4.vcmx (5.4 MB)

There are many PM errors printed to the Output panel, you need to fix all of those first to have any change of a working layout.
Start from the first error and once that is fixed see what is the next one. Usually one issue can cause many cascading errors so the first one is always best to fix first.