Issues creating Drawing for Big Layouts

Hi all,

I am using VC professional. I am unable to make 2D drawing from a very big layout. The software gets stuck at a point as shown in the attached image and later gives not responding msg. Are there any tricks to make 2D drawing from a big layout without getting the software stuck?




You can try to use a less creation quality for 2d drawings.

Otherwise you should contact the support of Visual Components.


Hello, i have a very high-end computer for creating Drawings from VERY big layout.

if you need help, please feel free to send me an email:

Thanks a lot @fymhappy :slight_smile: I already forwarded the issue to support.


I wonder if the the solution given by Ralle works for you. Usually that option speeds the generation quite a lot.

Hi, It works for me when I select the medium level; but many of the lines go missing ; which should be expected maybe as it is mentioned there. But it would have been useful if the lines don’t go missing.


By the way, the application does not get stuck, it just takes a lot of time to finish the task (maybe hours…) but eventually it will finish. The reason for this is that, in cases of big layouts, there are a lot of lines that should be evaluated in order to determine if they are visible or not, or if they need to be cut.