Issue when placing parts on moving object

Hello everyone,
I’m new to visual components.
I have an issue when placing parts on moving objects.
To explain the project, I have a crate on a conveyor and I need to fill it with 12 bottles and then repeat the process with a new empty crate.
But when all the bottles are in the crate and it start moving, only one bottle move and the others stay stationary.
I have tried everything, changing the gravity, the height etc…
But I can’t find a solution.
It would be wonderful if someone can just have a quick look at my project and tell me what I did wrong :pray:t2:
Thank you, have a nice day.
Compte rendu (8.8 MB)


It looks like you have custom CAD/Components there that you have not saved within the file (only PATH is saved). This makes it impossible to determine what is going on with the layout as it, unfortunately, does nothing when I click on play simulaiton.

You need to save the components in the file itself, and you can do this from the file backstage:

As for your problem that I can’t really debug right now due to the VCID missing, I recommend that you go through the academy, and specifically the Assembly side of the Process Modelling:


Thank for your reply.
I found the problem, I needed to place the bottle far above the crate in order to escape the conveyor own gravity.
I hope this can help other people.
Have a nice day :+1:t2: