ISimComponent.Clone(CloningMode.Unique, false) doesn't make clone unique


I have an issue when I usw ISimComponent.Clone(CloningMode.Unique, false) with an component.

After cloning I manipulate geomtry over writing an Transform-Feature Expression… → The component I clone from perform the changing but not the clone…

I think there is an issue with clone? → As I understand the CloningMode.Unique should make the clone completly independet??

Edit: What exactly is the difference between CloningMode.Unique and CloningMode.Shared please?

Edit: Is somebody there?

Thx & Regards

Such specific API questions, which may also be bug reports, are probably best asked from VC support.

Hy @TSy,

if answers could be found in forum other users could read it too…

The problem was in the component not in Clone! → The solution was to get the feature in PythonScript freshly each time I manipulate it!