Is there a way to make the simulation last longer?

Is there a way to make the simulation last longer?
At present, I am simulating the battery test logistics line. The original computer can only simulate up to 500 hours, and the memory will be full, so the VC cannot continue to simulate. At present, I have replaced a computer with a higher specification than the original, but the simulation time still cannot be extended. ,Is there any way to extend the simulation time or improve the performance? Most of the simulation modules I use are built-in ASRS & Conveyor in VC

Current computer specifications
CPU:(Intel W-2295 )
SSD : 512 GB OS-Disk
RAM: 32G *4 slot = 128GB
GPU:RTX 3090

Sounds like a memory leak or similar problem if the memory use continually increases as the simulation goes on.

Do you mean 500 hours of simulation time or 500 hours of running the simulation in real time?

You could try to isolate the problem by making smaller test layouts with few different components and seeing which ones cause the memory use to increase over time. There could be e.g. extensive collection of statistics data by Python scripts which would just make their memory use grow and grow.
It is also possible that the VC application itself leaks memory, but that might also only happen in certain situations / with certain components.

VC customer support might be able to help if you share some example layout with them.