Is there a way to attach multiple path sensors to one path?

I want to create a conveyor which has 4 “prox” sensors on it.

I am easily able to create a single path sensor and boolean signal and place it where I like and it works.

But if I add multiple path sensors, only one will work.

I’ve noticed that only the path sensor that is on top of the list of sensors in the path property ever works.
I can change the order of the list around, and whichever is first always works, and none of the others do.

What am I doing wrong?


In the properties of your sensors you selected a frame?
And this frame is also part of path frames list in Path properties?

Yes, here is the Path properties with all of the frames and sensors listed:

Here are the sensor properties with PathFrame_1 selected:

All other sensors are configured the same except for being connected to a different bool signal.

All I have to do to get any of those sensors to work is to move them to the top of the list in the Path properties without any other configuration changes.

which frames you use for the others sensor? You have 4 sensors, but only three frames

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I had planned to put all sensor on the same frame and use the distance property to give each a different offset. Does each path sensor require a unique frame? I will try that. Thank you.

Thank you anhu, that seems to have done the trick. I did not realize that the path sensors required unique frames.

Also for anyone that might find this later, the frames created for the sensor must also be added to the “Path” property list for the path and in the correct order.