Is it possible to create simple conveyor movements like Processpoint conveyor

I want a simple conveyor or Sensor conveyor to perform like ProcessPoint conveyor so that I can use robot to pick parts from it and keep it back. because of the machine body in the ProcessPoint conveyor a external robot can’t place parts it. kindly, suggest any solutions.

You could try dropping a process node (from PM flow components) into a conveyor using a PnP or use a Inline Process.

After this you can right click on the process label (you see this by going to the process tab and selecting processes) to modify the process executor. Just keep in mind that when a PnP’d feeder (PM flow components) drops a product into a conveyor, the source of the process node statement is “from component container” and not from previous process. You can access this by clicking “TransportIn” and changing its properties from the right hand side of the screen. Same idea with “TransportOut”, check its source and select the appropriate one.


You can add new statements on the top right corner of the process executor (right from the green +).
More info can be found on the Academy Introduction to Process Modeling | Visual Components Academy

I hope this is what you asked for so I didn’t misunderstand your question.

  • Lefa